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Buy high powered, niche and topically relevant backlinks from credible websites setup and managed by real people. Improve your relevancy, ranking, traffic and income. Contact us today to get started.

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Highest Quality Sites

Contextual Backlink

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Every Domain Fully Tested

OUT RANK YOUR COMPETITORS You've worked hard to produce a quality product or service, a compelling website and now want converting traffic. At PBNLINKS, you can be sure that our PBN links are safe, secure, and are regularly monitored for quality and power. If you need real links that offer superior value to your website, contact us today to learn how you can leverage our exclusive network.

Authoritative Powerful backlinks.

Our sites are only the highest metrics and have consistently high traffic.

Niche relevant, one way.

Only topically relevant and niche related links to increase your site authority.

Monthly and One Time Rentals

Contextually relevant, one way links are available as a one time or monthly rental.

100% unique content.

Every link you get from us is embedded in a contextually related article custom written for your website.

Boost your rankings.

Diversify your backlink portfolio and dominate your keyword ranking.

Aged Sites. Serps love them.

Every site in our network is aged with solid metrics and content.

PBN LINKS PRICING PACKAGES Get access to our premium network of carefully chosen and meticulously restored domains. And you never have to worry about bad neighbors or spammy relationships. Every client we onboard is carefully reviewed to ensure that our network is not compromised.

Homepage PBN Links (monthly) *We accept only clean websites with no traces of spam and unnatural link building.

Deep Links on Real Websites With Traffic (One Time Purchase) *We accept only clean websites with no traces of spam and unnatural link building.
*We do not accept Porn, Pharma or Gambling niches.

THESE LINKS REALLY WORK We have handpicked only the best domains and built proper websites on them with the highest quality in mind.

Premium Hosting

We use only premium cloud based hosting following the best practices for pbn’s to ensure that there are no footprints.

Proper Websites

We’re perfectionists about the quality of the sites we produce. Visit if you want one to call your own.

Maximum 10 OBL

Home page links have a maximum of 10 outbound links before falling off to inside pages. Your link never expires.

No Footprints

Every domain has unique whois, webhost, mail, ip, dns, and other characteristics. No footprints exist.

Quality Handwritten Content

The content used for your site is contextually relevant and hand written. It’s premium quality and never plagiarized.

Optimized for Traffic

Every domain sits on premium hosting with the fastest network and system hardware. Google hates slowness.

Social Activity

Every backlink also receives social signals, reinforcing the relevancy and authenticity of your domain.

Clean Backlink Profile

We only onboard domains with clean backlink profiles and no evidence of artificial linking to protect our network.

FAQ What can you expect from PBNLinks? Premium websites, highest metrics, proper content, amazing results. Don't settle for less.

We know the value of our network, and the results our clients receive. We’re ridiculously meticulous about our work product, and you will not find better quality links anywhere at a better price. You get what you pay for.
All orders are final upon completion of the order. If you change your mind within 24h after ordering, you will get a 100% refund, no questions asked.
Monthly home page placements are invoiced every month and will be removed if the subscription is canceled. One time deep links are permanent.
Due to a variety of factors affecting ranking (most importantly on page SEO) we can’t guarantee your ranking will improve. If you’re not sure about your site please ask us about a technical analysis before ordering links.
Homepage links are classic PBN links, placed on the homepage of the site. This means that this link has more power in general.

Deep links on websites with traffic are much safer and are more natural. The link will appear on but will only briefly be placed on the homepage since these are real sites with couple posts per day.

Nope. Don’t ask. We will also check every site for unnatural and spammy link profile and cancel such orders.

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